COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures

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We have been providing outstanding industrial and commercial cleaning services for the last 7 years. We now additionally provide Covid-19 commercial cleaning services for all type facilities and sizes across GA. Our owner is a healthcare worker who has experience with following the CDC and OSHA guidelines.  All of our employees are trained in how to prevent cross-contamination with our electrostatic sprayer cleaning and disinfecting protocol. Our covid-19 commercial cleaning procedures involve using a fogger to disinfect the area.  Watch the following video to learn more about how we disinfect against the Corona Virus using the electrostatic sprayer you see below.

Fogger Disinfecting for Covid-19

  • We follow the CDC and OSHA Guidelines

  • Fully trained staff for Disinfection and Sanitization

  • Staff Wears Masks, Gloves and PPE (When required)

  • EPA Registered Cleaning Solution

  • Disinfect and sanitize all highly touch surfaces

    (Such as phones, computer keyboards and screen, fax machines screens, door handles and door knobs, microwaves, ovens and refrigerator doors handles, toilet flushes, stalls, sinks, cabinets, coffee machines, chairs, arm chairs and much more)

  • We use the same cleaner for each facility to improve consistency.

  • We provide all of the cleaning supplies

    (unless the client requests that we use theirs)

  • We only use CDC recommended and approved cleaning solutions.

  • All of our supplies and cleaning solutions are safe for all.

  • We store all supplies at the client's facility to prevent cross contamination.

    (including: cleaning cart, vacuum, brooms, mop bucket and mop head etc..)

Electrostatic Sprayer Cleaning